I am a native of Central Illinois and live on a small acreage where I keep three horses for trail riding.  I also share my home with two cats and my Border Collie, Jill.

I discovered the exciting world of serious photography several years after I retired.  I love animals and the great outdoors and much of my photography reflects that.  I am also an enthusiastic travel photographer, having traveled around our beautiful country as well as abroad to Europe, Cuba, and Iceland

I believe that photography requires a blend of artistic and technical skills.  I consider myself a little more technical than artistic.  However, I believe that photography requires only that you learn to see the beauty, wonder, and stories that are already there, develop the skill to capture it with your camera, and learn to use tools to produce a final image that reflects what you experienced. 

I enjoy sharing my work and my greatest satisfaction is being successful in conveying to the viewer the feelings I experienced when I captured a photograph.  I love that photography is a never-ending journey of learning and developing a personal style and vision.

Thank you for visiting my website!  Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a photo.