Virginia Kickle Photography | Guestbook
Carol Huffman(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your beautiful images. You are an amazing photographer.
Terry Stoa(non-registered)
Gosh, Virginia, I didn't know you even HAD a website.

I need to poke around more now that I've found it! Your photos are inspiring.
Bill Hoffman(non-registered)
Very nice photos. You do excellent work.
Jeremy D West(non-registered)
Really beautiful images.....Love them all!
Roni M. Chastain(non-registered)
Virginia, it was so great to meet you, Your images are amazing! I will have to explore more, I only looked at a few so far.
Julie Butler(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures.
Bob Carter(non-registered)
Great pictures, keep it up!
Oh, btw, I went to school with Andrea.
Take care
Betty Moser(non-registered)
How beautiful - I have seen many of your photos - but to see them all together is so amazing
Terry Stoa(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing the link to your gallery, Virginia.

Your images are inspiring!
Devonna L Morgan(non-registered)
Lois shared your link with me and I had to drop what I was doing to enjoy the entire slideshow. Your website really showcases your work. A nice variety, your lighting is stunning. A few of my most favorites are the "Pelicans in golden fall" and "Leaping for Leaves". I'm book-marking your site and looking forward to new additions.
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